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Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences – Online Theory & Practical

online certificate course in Clinical Hypnotherapy
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Welcome to our Online Learning Diploma students!

Here you will find all of your Tutorials, Class Links, Reading Material and Handouts for each Unit.

Please download, read thoroughly and keep together in a file and group together for each Module for easy access.

It is a requirement for each student to check their emails regularly, as we rely heavily on email communication for class changes, new video uploads in a particular lesson and general class info, you will need to reply when required.

Please print your scripts out 1 week prior to the upcoming lesson and practice it many times so you flow with the script and don’t come across as robotic in class practice.

Really familiarise yourself with your Learning Portal and what it contains i.e HTA Resources & Documents contains most of the docs you will need during your Training, such as:

  • Study Contracts – These are a condition of entry into your Diploma. If you haven’t signed and returned yours to Kaz & Jody, your Diploma may be withheld, so please download a copy now and return.
  • Reflection Forms – These need to be filled out after each class and emailed to Jody & Kaz
  • HTA Recommended Therapists. For your 5 compulsory personal sessions, you may find a Trainer/Therapist in here such as Kasey Griffith, Deborah Haynes etc, or on the external website under HTA Recommended Therapists for a full register for you to choose from.
  • Student Sessions are capped at $100 with ALL Therapists.
  • Class Links – All links for your access to classes are found here
  • Info Pack – All of the information on your Diploma
  • Virtual Class Training Dates – All of your class dates for Gestalt & Hypnotic Strategies
  • Study Group Required Hours – You are required to join a Study Group with your Tribe buddies and practice what you learn in class. Each Unit has its own specific required hours
  • e.g Gestalt = 40 hours
  • Study Group Log Sheet – This is to log your study hours. 30% may be personal study.
  • Client History Forms – Midway through your Training you will begin to use Client History Forms to get familiar with using them with your future clients.
  • Class Checklist – This is for you to keep track of classes you have attended
  • Facebook Study Group Links for each Tribe – Eagles, Butterflies & Dolphins

In the Diploma, it is expected you will memorise your scripts. When asked to submit videos, no scripts are to be used, so as you can be fully present with your client.

Your 1st Unit is Hypnotic Strategies, please do not go past this Unit until instructed by your Director of Training to do so.

Please read through lesson 1C first, as it will set the framework to reframe your mindset.

If, when you join, Gestalt is already underway, don’t stress, the next class will start again after Lesson 6 Gestalt. You may not join a class already underway.

Take your time and absorb each Lesson thoroughly, record each new script onto your phone, and listen to it over and over until you can comfortably adlib.

From here on, you will be introduced to different Trainers:

Michelle Patton – Gestalt,

Kaz Field Anderson – Hypnotherapy/Trauma/Psychotherapy

Jody Wood – Hypnotherapy/ Medical/ Mental Health/Admin

Kasey Griffith – Hypnotherapy/Past Lives

Sedona Anderson – Intern Trainer/Admin

Please treat all of our Trainers with the respect they deserve.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us support@hypnotherapytraining.net.au

** Please note that HTA has a Zero Tolerance for bullying of any kind or division. Doing so will be treated as grounds for expulsion **


Hypnotic Strategies


NLP (Greg Elsey)



Psychotherapy Theory



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