Online Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences – Practical and Theory


We are proud to announce our  online learning option is now No.1 in Australia, for individuals and practitioners wishing to embark on, or enhance their careers in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences and just don’t have the time for Face to Face schedules, and with lockdowns constantly looming, this is the safest option for many.

This has been a decision that has been long in the making, due to our Duty of Care and passion for thorough training, and we felt online learning wasn’t good enough…..until now! We have almost replicated our in-class theory training and added quizzes to every lesson, so we know that you really get it.

On successful completion of this online component, learners will have acquired a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences which is a lead in course to the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotic Sciences. The Diploma includes both advanced practice and theory and is delivered by a series of weekends online training in our Virtual Live Classes and Theory in our Student Portal.

Once you’ve completed the Online Certificate, please contact us to enrol in the Diploma course, or purchase the Bundle and save $200!

On 1st December, our Cert/Diploma Bundle fees, that were reduced due to Covid, went back up to $4000

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Edstart logoAlternative Payments for Courses

We at HTA are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Edstart. We’ve introduced this alternative payment method for our courses to help new students gain control over their Hypnotherapy Training Australia fees with Edstart Pay/Extend. For our new students, Edstart will pay HTA on your behalf and you can spread your repayments in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments. You can also reduce your repayment amount by extending your education costs beyond the tuition period. For more information, visit

Upon completion of this course students will:

  • Have knowledge of the history of Hypnosis
  • Have an understanding of what Hypnosis is
  • Have an understanding of the use of various induction & deepening Hypnotic Trance techniques
  • Have an understanding of the ethics, dangers and responsibilities of the Hypnotherapist and when to refer
  • Have an understanding of the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis in weight control, quit smoking, & memory training
  • Demonstrate basic skills in Hypnotherapy
  • Have an understanding of the duty of care when working with children presenting with enuresis and various children’s disorders
  • Have an awareness of the process of abreaction during hypnosis
  • Be able to determine suitability of the client for hypnosis
  • Have developed skills in using hypnotic techniques in a safe and proficient manner
  • Have an understanding of the dangers, responsibility and ethics involved in hypnosis
  • Have a basic knowledge of regression and re-patterning
  • Understand the importance of building a rapport in a therapeutic relationship
  • Learn how to captivate an audience when giving speeches and lectures


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