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We are pleased to announce the launch of our online learning student portal. Course participants will be able to complete their Certificate Theory & Practical online, which, should you wish to continue to the Diploma, will be creditable to their Diploma qualifications once completed. We feel this will give much more focused time on Practise.

 Please contact us to express your interest in registering for one or all of our online course training modules.

If you are already registered, please proceed and complete the courses listed below using the username and password you were provided with. For assistance while you’re completing the course, please call Kaz on: 0466 043 611.

  • Online Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences - Theory & Practical

    by Kaz Field Anderson 10 Lessons in

    This is your Internationally Accredited Online Hypnotherapy Training Australia Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences. It's preferable to complete each Theory lesson in sequence by downloading and understanding the provided material, completing the associated quiz, then when all Theory has been completed, complete your Practical. Your quiz inputs will be graded and on achieving a "Pass" for all lessons, you'll be ready to receive your Internationally Recognised Certificate.

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