Unit 1 Certificate of Hypnotic Sciences – only 1 Intensive is required

Intensive Certificate of Hypnotic Sciences (5 days)

January 29th-1st March inclusive 2020

Intensive Certificate of Hypnotic Sciences (5 days)

April 23rd-25th inclusive 2020

Intensive Certificate of Hypnotic Sciences (5 days)

July 23-25th inclusive 2020

Intensive Certificate of Hypnotic Sciences (5 days)

October 22nd- 24th inclusive 2020

Diploma of Hypnotic Sciences (Unit 1 – Part 2)

Hypnotic Strategies 7 Weekends

Feb 22nd & 23rd

March 21st & 22nd

April 4th & 5th

May 16th & 17th

June 6th & 7th

July 4th & 5th

Unit 2: Psychology – Online Theory in Student Portal

Unit 5: Family Constellations – 2 weekends

March 14th & 15th

June 20th & 21st

Unit 6: NLP

June 13th & 14th

Unit 7: Gestalt Year 1 –

6 weekends + 2 Family Constellations Weekends included


February 15th & 16th

March 7th & 8th

March 28th & 29th

April 18th & 19th

May 9th & 10th

May 30th & 31st

Unit 8 – Medical Hypnosis

2 Weekends

Theory Online

June 22nd & 23rd

July 13th & 14th


Upgrading Your Therapists Toolbox V2.0

Weekend 1: Working with the Power of Your Clients Dreams,  Pain Control

2 Weekend Intensive

Included in Hypnotic Strategies Dates (see above)

Advanced Hypnotic Strategies

Weekend 2: Advanced Hypnosis/False Memory Syndrome/3 Canvases

Included in Hypnotic Strategies Dates (see above)

Unit 10: Personal Therapy

Please note: Five (5) personal therapy sessions are required within the Diploma program. The cost of personal therapy is not included in the cost of this course. Fees are capped at $100 per session for students when using a therapist from the HTA recommended therapist list.

To be arranged by the student with a therapist of their choice from the HTA recommended list.

australian society of clinical hypnotherapists
hypnotherapy council of australia
australian hypnotherapists association

HTA is Internationally Accredited with IICT, & currently recognised by the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association) and the ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists), the two major governing bodies of Hypnotherapy in Australia. HTA is also a founding member of the HCA (Hypnotherapists Council of Australia) a regulatory umbrella organisation for Hypnotherapists.

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