Hypnotherapy Training & Online Courses Australia

Firstly, we give the greatest respect to our founder, Marilyn Newman, a visionary, whose memory we dearly honour. Our “Mother of the World” gave her life’s flame to the task of guiding innumerable souls towards their personal light; with wisdom, kindness and most of all…. Love as her compass. Now, her daughter Kaz carries the torch forward in this amazing and unique Training.

Secondly, we pay our respects and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land, on which we work and live, the Traditional people of the past, present and future and we acknowledge their courage, tenacity and endurance as they journey forward. It is on this Ancestral land that our College endeavours to Train, Teach and Guide others.

Lastly, we invite YOU to share in our knowledge of the human soul, in the hope that you will find the centre of your personal power and ultimately; the ‘you’ that you truly are. We believe we need to work with the body, mind and spirit to truly heal, so our 3 pronged approach to Therapy is unique and powerful.


This is a blended delivery of Online Theory in your Student Portal and regular Virtual Classes for practice, questions & meeting other students. Our Diploma includes Counselling, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Hypnotic Sciences, Working With Clients Dreams, Art Interpretation, Pain Control & Body Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, Zoom Virtual Classes, Practical Assessments, all the support you will need in real time and all of the wonderful Units included in our face to face, except Family Constellations.

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What sets us apart

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International Institute for Complementary Therapists Seal of Excellence

HTA is Internationally recognised by IICT, and recognised by the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association) and the ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists), the two major governing bodies of Hypnotherapy in Australia. HTA is also a founding member of the HCA (Hypnotherapists Council of Australia) a regulatory umbrella organisation for Hypnotherapists.

* Being ‘IICT Approved Training Provider’ (IICT ATP), AHA recognised & ASCH Accredited does not provide the applicant with Registered Training Organisation status (Government RTO); nor are IICT , AHA & ASCH affiliated with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). *

Our Hypnotherapy Courses

Hypnotic Science Training Courses

HTA’s Internationally Accredited Training is World Class and second to none, with in demand expert Trainers in their field of Therapy. Our Curriculum is experiential – we learn best by doing, so get ready to change your life whilst training to be the best Hypnotherapist you can be!

We believe that the mind is inseparable from the Soul. More, the mind, body and soul are infinitely woven into the fabric of our worlds; our living environments. Hypnotherapy is the ‘Expertise’ of harmonizing these.


Professional Development

Earn CPD Points whilst Training in your Professional Development course of your choice, in an amazing, tranquil space with Trainers expert in their field of therapy. Psychotherapy, Family Constellations, Addictions, EFT and more PD Training courses for your Professional Development. You may even choose to embark on a life changing Diploma in Psychotherapy. Year 1 in Psychotherapy commencing April 19th.

You may wish to join our Certified NLP Weekends with Greg Elsey or join Maria Dolenc in the mind blowing Family Constellations.


Online Hypnotic Science Courses

Internationally Accredited World Class Certified Online Training in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences.

Practical & Theory online Training in the comfort of your own home at your own pace and leisure, with scripts provided and internal support by your Trainer.


Book a Private Personal Growth Hypnotherapy Session

Our souls possess an innate capacity for healing. But navigating the challenges that life offers can prove overwhelming. Our aim is to share ‘literal’ skills for fielding life’s challenges with confidence.


Self Guided Hypnosis Audio

Bring a Hypnotherapist into the comfort of your own home with these Self-Hypnosis MP3’s for help with Anxiety & Depression and more coming soon!


A fulfilling career in Hypnotic Sciences

The first step on your pathway to a fulfilling career in the Hypnotic Sciences is to connect with us.
Give our Team  a call and we will guide you through the process of enrolling, provide you with the material you need and let you know what to expect from our world class Hypnotic Sciences Training facility.

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 If it’s now after business hours, please use our quick contact form below and we will be in touch promptly.

HTA provided me with the next level up in skills in Clinical Hypnotherapy. This training was provided in a firm but supportive manner which caters to all learning styles.

Cath Edwards

In a journey to help others I have found myself…. if you’re ready to walk a path of healing and education. Then I recommend, beyond expectation hypnotherapy training Australia.

Sky Hodgson

Training with HTA has been one of the most profoundly life changing experiences of my life. On a personal and professional level, you are nurtured and supported to become a better version of you.

Fiona Worrall

Awesome place to train and discover the better you. Leave old habits behind and learn to help others. Excellent trainers and support is second to none! Loved it.

Debbie Cilia

I absolutely loved my training with HTA. I felt nurtured on so many levels as I learned new skills, made wonderful new friends and attained my Diploma.

Penny Brenton