HTA Recommended Therapists – Personal Sessions

Our Qualified and Accredited Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors are available for sessions aimed at helping individuals who wish to be empowered & progress their personal development and self care.

If you are needing to recover from Trauma, are battling an addiction or on a journey of personal empowerment; our heart song and our mindset remain committed to the task of empowering you towards achieving substantive and positive change.

All of our HTA Recommended Therapists are Members of Associations such as AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association), GoAH (Australian Guild of Hypnotherapists), ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists) etc, and are all Highly Trained in Trauma with the very powerful DeTrauma Technique™.

To reserve a personal session with one of our dedicated and passionate practitioners, please select your Trauma Trained Clinical Hypnotherapist from the list below and contact them directly;

Deborah Haynes – Ph: 0403 059 741

B.A Psychology/Online Psychology Coordinator/Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy/ Masters. Gestalt. For Gestalt or Hypnotherapy sessions – Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Adv. Dip.Gestalt Therapy, Dip. Gestalt Therapy (PACFA, GANZ), Cert. in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certified Weight Loss Consultant, Dip. Mental Health.
Deb is a Kamilaroi woman living on Darkinjung country. She is an Aboriginal Psychologist (AHPRA) and Clinical Psychotherapist (PACFA/GANZ) who has completed a clinical masters in psychology and is a PhD candidate focusing on trauma intervention with Aboriginal children and communities. Deb has worked in trauma across the lifespan, across a number of different Government and non-Government organisations, primary health care, disability and Autism Spectrum Australia. Deb has worked in the area of child development, early intervention and intergenerational trauma for the past 14 years. She is currently working within Government which aligns with her passion for working with children and families through child-focused, evidenced based interventions building on the strengths of families, children and communities.

Kasey Griffith – Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, B.A Counselling, HTA Past Lives Trainer/Therapist – Ph: 0404 975 120

Kasey Marilyn is a Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Trainer at HTA. Kasey works intuitively and empathically with her clients, holding a gentle client centred space that guides you back to inner peace, self love and harmony. Kasey works with the sacred bench, the 4 door technique and the blue mist for past life regression. Kasey also integrates art therapy with her clients with analysis of your self tree and inner child art therapy.

Kasey is a 3rd generation Hypnotherapist and was trained at HTA by her Grandmother Marilyn Newman among many others. Kasey has been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist , and has been participating in regressions and group breath therapies since the age of 9 with her Grandmother Marilyn and Mother Kaz Field Anderson.

Michelle Patton – Ph: 0400 653 493

Gestalt Trainer at HTA. Masters in Gestalt, Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip. Counselling, NLP, EFT –

I am a practicing psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor, currently working in private practice. I work with people presenting with a wide range of issues, my passions and areas of expertise are; relationships, trauma, anxiety, disordered eating, life stage and wellness coaching.

I maintain a foothold in the corporate space through HR consultancy. I have constructed programs and initiatives that support talent development, organisational change, workforce planning, training and employee relations. I mediate work place conflict, dispute resolution, improving workplace relations.

In my spare time I compete in triathlons and enjoy running. I live in regional NSW with my husband,  three children and two dogs.

Fern Warren – Ph: 0421 347 652

Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. (Dip. Clinical Hyp. Sc). Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, Certified Practitioner of DeTrauma Technique (DTT)™, Life Coach, Business Coach, Workplace Trainer and Assessor and Blue Card Holder. Additional certifications include Early Childhood Education, Financial Services, Business Coaching, Modern Applied Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Professional Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Neuroplasticity and Psychosensory Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy and EMDR.

Fern Warren is a warm hearted, compassionate, supportive soul who owns and runs Pure Soul Therapy based in sunny Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. As a happily married, loving mum of four precious children who has found profound personal healing in Hypnotherapy herself, she provides warm, personalised, client centred therapy sessions, that are a balanced blend of heart and science. Fern personally tailors and meticulously designs sessions to help clients lead a calm, balanced and connected life and warmly empowers clients to break through, heal, make effective and lasting changes and transform their lives.

Fern truly understands how unresolved issues can unnecessarily hold people back from finding their happiness, from being their best selves and from finding the sunshine in their hearts. She believes that there are no failures in life, so long as we mindfully seek to uncover lessons that can best serve us moving forward, then we have still succeeded, because in any given moment, we can absolutely find our inner strength and light, and change the direction of our entire lives by making just one new decision, and often we just need someone to provide us with the space and time to heal and be reminded of our self-worth and strengths in order to do so.

Fern gently and warmly guides clients to a place of self-awareness, self-compassion, self-love, self-healing and self-connectedness to gain closure and find peace with unmet needs or unresolved issues that may be holding them back from living the life they dream of.
Fern would be truly honoured to work with you and guide you to heal, grow, smile and find the sparkle in your soul, because she truly believes that a happy soul is the best shield for a challenging world.

Rebecca Chapman – Ph: 0431 406 289

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Dip. Regression Therapy (HH Dip (R.G.T), Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, EFT Practitioner, Emotional Release Therapist, Reiki Practitioner.

Rebecca is based in Hawkesbury NSW, and runs both Rebecca Chapman Holistic Therapies and Birthing Life.

She combines her passions using the DeTrauma Technique (DTT) ™ alongside intuitive use of other modalities and Gestalt practices as a tool for working with the Inner child, Past lives and Generational Trauma, to identify behavioural patterns interfering with the life cycle, and deep hurts that are held, I specialise in working with PTSD, Birth Trauma, Generalised anxiety and fear, to assist you in changing these patterns and behaviours.

I may be the therapist but you are the healer, no one can do the work for you and at times it may seem impossible but, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE CAPABLE AND YOU CAN DO THIS!…… and I am here to guide you and support you with love.

Deborah Allen – Ph: 0407 413 180

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Strategic Psychotherapist, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, EFT Practitioner, Art as Therapy Facilitator

While training thousands of students and raising her four boys realised there are often other factors such as childhood trauma, cognitive disorders, addictions, phobias, and fears. or other behaviours that prevent people from achieving their goals
Using the specific guided visualisations and in particular DeTrauma Technique™ for trauma work and to break through these barriers, Deborah can create the change her clients need to overcome these barriers and move into a place of confidence, achievement, and success.
“When we realise we are in control of our minds, not the other way around, we start to gain a true sense of knowing that anything is possible”.
“Mindset matters and unlocking the resources and tools trapped deep within our subconscious is truly life-changing”.

Andrew Stone – Ph: 0423 143 664

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, Lifecoach

Andrew has spent over 20 years in a successful corporate career, mentoring and coaching people. During that time he was surrounded by people who were highly stressed for much of the time. Being highly stressed is not a healthy way to live.

“My focus now is helping people to resolve excessive anxiety or trauma in a safe, effective way. Severe anxiety, depression and trauma are symptoms of past or present unresolved events or situations. I use the DeTrauma Technique™ which is especially effective at desensitising the impact of trauma on the mind, so you can return to a state of calm and be at peace. ”

You can read more about Andrew at
Please use this link to access my calendar and book your sessions;

Jessica Ireland – Ph: 0455 538 429

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher

Hey Beautiful Soul,
After experiencing Complex PTSD for many years, I went on a journey of discovering everything I could about how our bodies and minds work and how we can heal ourselves from Trauma. DTT™ is a technique that helped me break free from reliving the past and I am honoured to give you the same gift. DTT™ will help you come back inside your body and experience it as a safe place to be again, without needing to hear your story.

I work strongly with Dream Integration, DeTrauma Technique™ and Parts Therapy & Gestalt Psychotherapy. I believe that working with the conscious, subconscious, body and soul we can integrate all aspects of ourselves for a whole and balanced life that is authentic for us.

My passion is in helping you to free yourself from traumatic experiences that still live inside your body, transform the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and your life, and show you a path to a life of fulfilment.

I’d love to hold your hand while we walk this path together.

For more Info on Jessica:

Axel Starviking – Ph: 0422 548 770

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™

Axel Starviking, also known as The Starviking (Music, Vlogging, Podcasts and Creative Art) is based in Buff Point NSW and runs a colourful Clinic that accepts in-clinic as well as online sessions. Axel’s passion is seeing clients released from anxiety, fear, stress and worry, with a focus on co-creating action-based solutions for each client. Axel is the loving parent of two Trans kids, and is also a part of the LGBTQIA+ rainbow family. Axel uses over 20 years of experience to assist members of the Trans community (including their family members) with their transitions. Axel uses proven methods ranging from Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy to Hypnosis, and uses the DeTrauma Technique ™ for any Trauma work.

For bookings click the Halaxy link below:

Mandie Combe – Ph: (03) 9592 8030

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique™, Reiki Master


Mandie has been an Intuitive Healer based in Melbourne for over ten years and has always been focused on assisting clients to discover and release energetic and emotional blocks causing imbalance in the physical body.

Mandie is so committed to helping people get to the origin of their issue and with Hypnotherapy and in particular the DeTrauma Technique™ , Mandie is able to assist her clients with an even deeper level of healing.

“I find DTT™ such an effective way of shifting long held trauma and stuck emotions that have been locked in the body. The magic of this process is that the trauma doesn’t need to be discussed in session to see real and long-lasting change. We understand telling your story over and over again can be re-traumatising, and we don’t need to know your story with this unique method.

My absolute passion is with the power of subconscious thought. Once our subconscious beliefs are in alignment with who we truly are and want to be, the possibilities for our life become limitless!”

For more about Mandie:

Maia Hogg – Website:

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences (HTA), Dip. Business Specialising in Entrepreneurship, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique Specialist ™

Maia’s uniqueness lies within her very logical side meeting her creative and spiritual side.

Maia is an entrepreneur and business coach and is well experienced in chronic pain, having experienced severe chronic pain herself for 23 years prior to finding hypnotherapy and meeting Kaz field-Anderson, Director of Training HTA.

Maia is empathetic and kind while passionate about learning and continues to advance her knowledge in all aspects of hypnotherapy, epi-genetics, physics and health and nutrition.

Specializing in pain management and breaking the barriers of the norm.

Maia inspires and encourages you to be your ultimate self.

For more information or to contact Maia:

Elizabeth Bratcher – Ph: 0400 819 033

B.A Social Sciences, Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique™, Cert. NLP

Elizabeth is based in NSW, Lake Macquarie but holds sessions via zoom also. Spiritually based, but clinically driven Elizabeth’s gentle and caring nature, extensive knowledge, professional experience and true commitment to her clients allows you the space, time and ability to move forward from trauma, impacting life experiences, bad habits and challenges that hold you back.

Elizabeth’s own personal life experiences, coupled with her extensive training including the DeTrauma Technique™ and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, and passion see her share treatments that enable true change in the subconscious. Specialising in behavioural changes, psychological health and emotional wellbeing. Supporting you to gain the insight and clarity to pave way for the future you not only desire, but absolutely deserve!

For more Info on Elizabeth, visit:

Tatiana Komarova – Bookings:

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, Reiki Master, Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner ™

Tatiana runs a clinic Black Cat & Co. in Young NSW, accepting in-person clients and online sessions.

Her passion is energy based transformational work – the practice of connecting to her clients on a deeper level and facilitating their healing from inside out – on emotional, mental and somatic levels. She specialises in Trauma and chronic pain, having had a variety of personal experiences this area, using hypnotherapy, Dynamic Pain Control methods, Body Psychotherapy and DeTrauma Technique™.

She’s “mom” to 2 lovely felines, an English mastiff and a couple of Isa Brown chooks, who may or may not “look in” on your therapy session.

Please book your session by clicking link below:

Natasha Farrington – Ph: 0420 697 723

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, Mental Health Nurse and Wellness Recovery Facilitator

Welcome to the new you!

I provide therapy for trauma, PTSD, grief and menstrual health, including PMS/PMDD, chronic pain and anxiety management. With a range of therapies including Clinical Hypnosis, Body Psychotherapy, past life regression hypnosis, Dream Integration, inner child work DeTrauma Technique (DTT) ™.

I am a registered Hypnotherapist who also has professional qualifications in the mental health field, with over 15 years’ experience and dedication in applying an intuitive, recovery focused approach to everyone I work with.

I have discovered and seen first-hand that tapping into the subconscious mind, including the body and soul directly. We create a new version of what we thought was not previously possible.

Instead of surrendering to the belief you are broken, not good enough or have failed. Let me show you what surrendering within your soul to fully heal looks like.

My sole purpose is to help my clients improve the quality of their lives. I use a variety of tools and techniques including gestalt, hypnosis, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Parts/Ego work. I pride myself in my ability to guide my clients towards awareness, understanding and finally resolution of the issue or presenting problem. Using a client centred approach and intuition. I deal with what comes up rather than trying to fit a technique to a client.

Trauma, Grief, and past childhood pain other mental health and physical difficulties can take way so much. I will work with you, to rebuild on what you have lost and reconnect with the authentic or new you!

Based In Melbourne Victoria. Therapy sessions are online or in person sessions.

Kodie Annesley – Ph: 0450 922 552

Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™

Kodie is the owner of Calm Therapy Cobbitty, based in the picturesque town of Cobbitty in South/West Sydney.

Her heart based therapy combines her knowledge and intuition to help guide you and allow you to set yourself free.
The mind is amazingly powerful that can make or break you, so let’s use it to our advantage and create the beautiful life we want using Hypnotherapy, NLP, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Frequency and the DeTrauma Technique™ .

” I am incredibly passionate about helping people find their happiness and start living their story and not their trauma ”

Your story is my gift and I hope we can create something magical together.
Zoom Sessions available if preferred.

Sal Jean – Ph: 0493 130 539

BA Arts, Dip Education, MA of Human Rights, Cert Visual Arts, Dip Hypnotherapy, Cert Gestalt and Psychotherapy, Cert DeTrauma Technique™, Cert Reiki, Cert Mental Health First Aid

“Relax, Imagine, Create”

Sal loves to see people shine in their own unique way! When we relax we connect with our true nature allowing our creative imagination to flow and in this state we can create and express ourselves in whatever way we authentically wish to. How peaceful it is being self expressed and confident to be the way we choose.

This is how I approach well being and why I became a therapist. After years of managing my own mental well being and supporting people through mental distress, I became aware of how deeply impactful our thoughts are on our lives.

If our thoughts are clouded by strong emotions or avoidance of feelings, our self-worth is affected and it is difficult to connect with our true selves. If we are holding onto the past or thinking about the future in a way that impacts our capacity to be present in the moment, our whole body and energy field are affected.

I support people on a creative journey towards wellness, based on what is meaningful and important for them, so they can restore their most authentic self. We create the capacity to release emotions from the mind and body in a healthy way, to freely express and to savour the moment. It feels so good to restore energy and vitality.

Healing oneself is one of the most brave, rewarding and transformative acts a personal can take. For stepping onto that track, I applaud you. You guide this journey and I will be there beside you.

Rebecca Hannan – Ph: 0418268581

Ph.D. (Psychology), B. Arts (Hons), Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, Cert. Holistic Counselling & Meditation Teaching, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner

Rebecca is the owner of Entreat, offering online and in person sessions on the NSW Central Coast. Rebecca is passionate about empowering people to live their authentic lives to the fullest and be their most powerful loving selves. She believes this requires a holistic approach and specialises in supporting women. With her own company that offers a unique range of activewear and accessories, she entreats women to develop good habits around the fundamental pillars of self-care, exercise, sleep and nutrition. As a meditation and yoga teacher and single mum of three, she knows just how important balance is in life. Rebecca believes life is a learning experience and that anyone can change at any age. This starts with healing the past and looking towards a positive and meaningful future. In her personal sessions, she utilizes her extensive trainings and experience to help clients connect with themselves, release the past, including the use of the DeTrauma Technique ™ for trauma, reprogram their nervous systems, and empower them to achieve substantive and positive change in their lives.

Bookings via:

Beth Welch Aris – Bookings:

MA. Social Work, Cert.Bereavement & Loss, Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™, Quit Smoking, EFT Practitioner

Beth is a genuine, compassionate person with over 16yrs experience as a registered Social Worker. Throughout this time Beth has been able to follow her passion, encouraging and empowering people to grow, rebuild and find fulfilment through many of life’s complexities including grief, loss of identity/relationships, PTSD and Trauma, Post natal depression, Anxiety, Suicide Bereavement as well as supporting military families and personnel.

“Working together to create a Holistic, individual approach we will combine psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and DeTrauma Technique™ to help you find peace and clarity even in the darkest of times when it feels most impossible. While specialising in Grief, Loss and life’s changes, Emotional Wellbeing, stress relief, Anxiety and Trauma, I also love helping people explore past lives, build confidence and overcome smoking and weight loss.”

Beth is committed to personal development and has additional training in PTSD and Combat Stress, Grief and Bereavement, Trauma and Suicide Bereavement, Domestic Violence, Counselling, Operational Stress, LGBTQI+, EFT, working with Dysfunctional Families, Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Weight Loss.

Our sessions will be held online allowing you to be comfortable and relaxed in your own environment.

Mel Sebastian – Ph:0412 797 441

Ba. Fine Art, Dip. Education (Secondary), Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy, DeTrauma Technique ™

Mel is passionate about helping people who feel stuck by their past or stuck in their own feelings of limitations, to break free, heal and step into their limitless future.

Mel understands anxiety, depression, and trauma from a personal and professional level. With over 15 years’ experience as a teacher and behavioural specialist, Mel has helped thousands of people transform their lives. Mel draws from her skills in hypnotherapy, parts work, DeTrauma Technique (DTT), gestalt psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and mindfulness practices, to help her clients create the changes they want to see.

If you are looking for a down to earth, friendly and caring therapist then book a session with Mel, and she will safely and gently support you on your journey. Book with Mel at or on the phone number provided.


Properly applied, Hypnotic Science can help with…

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Weight Loss

  • Quitting Smoking

  • Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Nail biting and other bad habits

  • Motivation

  • Depression

  • Life direction

  • Gestalt Psychotherapy

  • General Counselling

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HTA is Internationally Accredited with IICT, & currently recognised by the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association), the ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists), GoAH (Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists), the 3 major governing bodies of Hypnotherapy in Australia. HTA is also a founding member of the HCA (Hypnotherapists Council of Australia) a regulatory umbrella organisation for Hypnotherapists.

Personal Hypnotic Sciences & Counseling Sessions.

Give Kaz  a call to reserve your personal Hypnotherapy or Counselling session. After an informal chat, we’ll be able to advise on which of our Qualified Therapists may be best suited to helping you achieve your goals.

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