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Resource Therapy Foundation Training & Clinical Qualification – Online



  • 10 Days in total – 10am -5pm
  • 2 Days Foundation Training ($495)
  • 8 Days Clinical Qualification ($1995)

Training Dates

  • 2 Days Foundation Training: October 1st & 2nd 2022.
  • 8 Days Clinical Qualifications:
  • October 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd
  • October 28th, 29th & 30th 2022.


Kaz Field Anderson –

Director of Training, Trauma & Hypnotherapy Trainer, Creator of the DeTrauma Technique™
Dip. C.H, Adv Dip. C.H, Cert. Jungian Dream Analysis, Cert. Dynamic Pain Control, Dip. Life Coach, Dip. Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Advanced Resource Therapy Trainer, Dip. Breath Therapy, Specialising in Cancer, Trauma & Anxiety

Course Delivery

Online, Live via Zoom.



Resource Therapy International

Why learn Resource Therapy?

Resource Therapy (parts therapy) is a very rapid way to isolate the part that is blocking progress. It is a wonderful way to empower your client to know that the wrong part may be taking the lead role in the conscious, and through Resource Therapy, bring the chosen part into the conscious for breakthrough & relief.

Resource Therapy is a psychodynamic therapy. That means it sometimes focuses attention on the memories of incidents in order to attend to the cause of current issues.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on reframing and behavioural homework, and does not attend to memories of the past. It attempts to lessen the impact of unwanted symptoms on the clients.

Attending to the Cause

Resource Therapists believe that attending to the cause is better than attempting to lessen the impact of the symptoms, because when the cause of an issue is attended to the symptom will disappear, plus the client will no longer carry the unresolved confusion from the past.

Working with the right part

Resource Therapists believe the personality is composed of parts and it is important to locate and attend precisely to the Resource State that has the issue. Working directly with the part that needs change is the most direct route to resolution. Continuing to spend time talking with another part is a waste of therapy time.

Understanding pathology

Resource Therapists learn there are 8 pathologies that underpin psychological distress. They learn precise treatment actions to attend to pathological states so each state can return to a normal condition.

Having the right tools

Resource Therapists have clear guidelines for working with issues that clients bring to therapy. It is important for Resource Therapists to learn the types of pathologies, and to learn the associated treatments in order to feel competent to handle the various issues presented by clients.

Learning Resource Therapy

Learning Resource Therapy is a process of learning about the formation and nature of Resource States, learning about the 8 pathological conditions states can have, learning the correct actions to attend to each condition, and learning how to apply those actions so pathological states can return to a normal condition.

Learning Resource Therapy is about learning to understand and directly address the issues clients present.

Units in Resource Therapy Clinical Qualifications

Unit 1 – Days 1 & 2 – Foundation Certificate x 2 days

Unit 2 – Day 3 –         Working with Conflicted States

Unit 3 – Day 4 –         Diagnosis of the 8 Pathologies & Working with Dissonant States

Unit 4 – Day 5 –         Resource States Vaded with Confusion

Unit 5 – Day 6 –         States Vaded with Fear or Rejection, Vaded with Disappointment (Depression)

Unit 6 – Day 7 –         Retro States & Their Interventions (Addictions)

Unit 7 – Day 8 –        Using  Anchors with Dissonant States

Unit 8 – Day 9 –        Working with Pain & Somatic Issues

Unit 9 – Day 10 –      What Lies Within – The Separation Sieve & OPI’s

Unit 10 – Day 10 –    Resource States Mapping & Ethics 


with Guest Trainers – Andrew Date, Deborah Werndley, Anna Emmerson


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